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Here at STITCHEDSTYLES not only do we transform looks we aim to boost confidence, lift spirits, and enhance your pretty. Appointments can be scheduled 24/7 online for your convenience. With over 14 years experience with hair extensions its safe to say I'm the Extension Expert and your in great hands. My services are beneficial to women who are looking to enhance,protect,or conceal their hair.

*No double booking

*Private suite

*Complementary mask

*Painless installs
*Quality install that last

*Informative Stylist

* Fabulous styling 

*Complimentary snacks and refreshments



How can we customize your service today?

Whether you’re looking to be serviced by stitchedstyles or shopping around for Wig units. We have sourced some of the best quality hair that will enhance any extension experience.

  • The flattest install you’ll ever receive! This install is perfect for anyone who would like to add length and volume or grow out their natural hair. They are so Light weight tension free it would feel like your natural hair. 

    It can last up to 3 months with proper maintenance and care.

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  • It is a strand by strand installation process. This is a luxury service very light weight and Versatile. It can last 6 through 8 months with proper maintenance and care.

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  • Silicon beads will be attached to your hair forming a row and serves as the foundation so that wefts can be sewn on.

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  • This is the best option for a protective style while adding extensions. All of your natural hair will be braided up and a lace closure giving off a natural part will be sewn down along with your bundles.

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  • Keratin bond extentions

    Let’s talk about k-tips. The elite of hair extension services. You Ever wanted  that perfect extension method that gives you all your needs with hair extensions as well as you wants without compromising??Well that’s what k-tips offer!!Its Your dream hair without compromising. It looks like your natural hair,feels like your natural hair and is meant to handle like your natural hair. It’s Giving maximum versatility,maximum styling and maximum durability. This service will last you anywhere from 4-6 months without any routine salon maintenance.

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