2014-11-23 carrie h Adronna Works Wonders!!!"My hair is quite challenging but this stylist works wonders. I have been seeing her for quite some time. Love all of her styles from long to short and straight to curly with the silk closures. Thanks ~Loving It "lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2014-11-25​ Kimberly Dennis-Rushton5Flawless!!Adrionna recently repaired my closure for me!! It is flawless!! Thanks Adrionna! Adrionna is fierce with her skills, but she also values you as a client! Her professionalism and respect for her clients makes her top notch!! tighten closure only no stylingAdrionna syas


2014-11-27​ ayesha g5Adrionna is a true professional!Nothing better than walking out of the salon grinning from ear to ear!  Adrionna works wonders and am looking forward to my next appointment! Sew in with leave out Adrionna syas


2014-11-29 laquisha allen5sew in with closureExcellent work..very professional and on point...closure laid nicely...awesome job..Adrionna is a great stylist..I drive from Tyler, get my haor SNATCHED by HER...Adrionna does great work  lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2014-11-30Keshunia  J51st time clientWhere do I start.. the stylist herself was very nice sweet and personable. I booked with her because I had nothing but amazing things about her work I ordered a closure for the first time and needed an install. I her work and I'll definitely be back. Oh and I had issues with the hair I ordered from a company not affiliated with her and she was very reassuring and accommodating.  Thanks so muchlace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2014-12-09​ monkia lewis​ 5​ excellentExcellent outcomes and time efficient.  Highly recommend Adrionna. I will travel from the East Coast to keep my hair looking luxurious. Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2014-12-23j.w.5Full sew-in with closure pieceAdrionna did a wonderful job on my sew-in. She is very thorough and offered tips on how to keep maintenance up on my weave. Most definitely would recommend her services and would go back again for another appointment! 5 Stars!!!!!!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas




2014-12-27​ F.W.​ 4​ Fast and neat"I got a full sew in with a lace closure done. As far as the quality of her work, it is exceptional and my closure looks completely natural. I love it. She also has a great sense of humor and is very welcoming.

The main reason I am not rating 5 stars is because my appointment was originally for 12:00pm and even though it was moved to 12:30 to accomodate the previous client's lateness, I still had to wait for about 45 mins before I received service.

Other than that it was great. "lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2014-12-27 Yolonda S​ 5​ Adrionna is the bestestAdrionna  will do exactly what you want to your hair with no complaints and leave you flawless!!  love her!!! Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2014-12-28 l.a.4​ tighten and curlGreat..professional, talented..keeps me looking fabulous. .I drive 2 hours just to get the look of adrionna. .tighten and curlAdrionna syas


2015-01-01​ Erikah Daley​ Great Job!Thanks so much for your personal service and professional advice on maintenance. My hair looks wonderful. remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2015-01-01​ lakisha n​ 5​ Tremendous work"Thanks Adrionna for doing an excellent job on my sew in. She was professional,  courteous and quick.  This was my first time getting a lace closure and it is absolutely Beautiful. I have received numerous of compliments from both men and women."lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-01-03Andrea H5Weaves done right!!!Adriona does an excellent job on my weaves.  I am a repeat customer that drives 2hrs to get my weave done right.  If you are shopping around looking for a place to get your hair done look no further book your appointment with Adriona you'll be glad you did! custom weave installAdrionna syas


2015-01-05 Shenetta​ 5​ Beautiful Results!Adrionna does a fabulous job each time she does my hair. I appreciate her professionalism & attention to details when it comes to my hair care needs. I'm just impressed by her ability to style any hair type beautifully. I recommend Stitchedstyles to anyone who is looking for a great hair stylist. Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas

 2015-01-10 Monique B​ 5​ I love my hairThis is my second time getting my hair fixed and I'm even happier than the first time. Thanks Adrionna! I am a client for life.lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas

 2015-01-11 C.J. 5​ Thank youAdrionna is an amazing and talented hair stylist. She truly has a gift from up above and does it effortlessly. Her professionalism is greatly appreciated. My hair is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas

 2015-01-22 M.W.​ 5​ Great workOn time in a great, comfortable setting, plus you're in and out. Adrionna is true professional...and my hair is always beautiful. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas

2015-01-25 La Donna  N​ 5​ Amazing Stylist!!Adrionna is an amazing stylist!  She has been Blessed with eyes to see her clients looks/desires, great listening ears as she hears her clients needs, and the incredible gift of patience!  She is a professional inside out, coming and going.  I am always satisfied when I get out of her chair!  Thanks, Adrionna for keeping me & my weave looking FABULOUS!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-01-31domineek  Dorsey 5Perfection!Adrionna is very professional,  prompt,  and fast. I love my hair!  Reasonably-priced! I'll keep going back. Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2015-02-01Charlotte 5Amazing!!!I'm in the process of transitioning and didn't want to have to worry about blending my hair. I didn't order a closure in enough time though and so I had to leave some hair out. Adrionna did an amazing job of blending my transitioning hair with the texture of the weave. I also love the privacy at her shop. When you're in her chair you feel as if you're the only client that matters. I'll be back! Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2015-02-03Kia5FlawlessAdrionna has been doing my hair for over a year now and it is flawless every time. She gives me exactly what I ask for in a timely and professional manner. i always love my hair and get so many compliments. I AM A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE !!!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2015-02-04l .a.​ 5​ sew in with closureGreat....great personality, very patient, very down to earth, love the conversation, love the talent, my hair is always great..and I will always come backlace/silk closure installAdrionna syas

2015-02-06​ Tabitha s​ 5​ ESTATIC​ Stitched Styles is just what it is!! I'm ALWAYS satisfied when Adrionna has my hair laid with everyone asking "who did your hair".  The Quality of work is what matters the most, along with the friendly service, so book with Stitched Styles and I guarantee you'll be just as pleased as I am!!Closed sewin (no visible partingAdrionna syas


2015-02-08LaShay D5FLIQUE!!!!!Adrionna is the absolute best! I don't allow anyone near my head bcuz of my condition, but she will FOREVER be my personal folical extension engineer! Not only is she very professional, but she is a perfectionist...She will easily tell you what works or what will have you looking flawless. No matter what hair situation you have, Adrionna will figure it out and keep your hair snatched... Yaaasssss hontey!! I am constantly stopped and asked who did my hair. I always leave on flique!!tighten closure only no stylingAdrionna syas


2015-02-12Jasmine A5Great!Really great work. One on one appointment. Gave me plenty of maintenance and care suggestions, which I appreciated.lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-02-14Loren M5She is the best!!!!!She is truly amazing at what she does and very professional. I went to get a sew in and I walked out looking amazing. Thank you so much Adrionna, your the best!!!!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2015-02-26​ donna davis Best Stich In TownAdrionna, stylist and owner is unbelievable with a bundle of hair, she can turn it into an amazing style.  She is always professional and makes me look Fabulous every time I walk out her shop. shampoo and tighten and styleAdrionna syas


2015-02-28jameshia W5what can i sayThis is my third time coming to Adrionna, and I must say, I always love my hair...I am a loyal customerClosed sewin (no visible partingAdrionna syas


2015-03-03​ Stillettos 1004A++++++++++"Adrianna is Awesome!!! She has been doing my hair for the past 31/2 years and she has always done a fantastic job. And her professionalism is unmatched. Ms. A keep up the great work.Love Ya :)" Closed sewin (no visible parting) Adrionna syas




2015-03-05D.D.5Glamorous Style & ServiceSuper Star Stylist Adrionna is the greatest! The experience will leave you feeling restored and looking fabulous! Her service is immaculate! Not only does she make you feel comfortably welcome, but she also listens to what you ask for in your hair style and she supports healthy hair! You will leave her salon looking and feeling like a million bucks! Adrionna has the gift of making women look like a woman should! I absolutely 100% recommend her for The She Experience! #stitched#styles#remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2015-03-05 SaQoya  Jackson 5​ ReviewBest hair service I've had since I been in Texas. Adrionna has amazing work, very professional and such a sweetheart. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-03-13​ Markeba  Warfield​ 5​ Greatness as usualAs usual, my hair looks awesome, and I am very pleased with the results. It is always a pleasure to come sit in her chair while perusing Pinterest. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-03-18​ Peggy Ellison​ 5​ Love my HairI really love my hair and the environment was so pleasant and I have never meet such a sweet young lady that mange her business so well .The way my Hair looks it like right off TV the hair and the closure Yes she has the closure looking like this is my hair she can do some hair got the girls give me nothing but love She is forever my stylist not going anywhere hello.Sign forever your Client Peggy.lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-03-24LaTania Washington5I love my hairI am so loving my hair at this point now. I have had pleasure meeting Adrionna over a year or so @ the At that time, she did a great touch up. So to make a long story short, after several stylist attempt no luck. Well this young lady is the BOMB! She is sweet and professional at all times. She gives great services and advice how to maintain the weave. I love my hair! I am very pleased and will remain faithful customer. I love her shop environment very neat, clean and classy! U ROCK!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-04-04D.M.5Sophisticated StyleAdrionna did a wonderful job on hair.My hair looks very classy, stylish and sophisticated.  I love it.partial weaveAdrionna syas


2015-04-10 LaShay D​ 5​ As usual, Adrionna keeps me looking like a celebrity. I love my hair and the way she does closures is amazing...I keep thinking it's my natural part/scalp! Thanks again for all your work. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas



2015-04-16​ Janice E 5​ Great Customer Service!"Adrionna, Is a gem. She was patient, sweet and accommodating. I am very particular about my hair and she made sure I was happy and my hair was gorgeous!! " lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-04-23J.J.5Excellent ServiceOnce again I received excellent service and professionalism. Thank you so much for being my stylist.partial weaveAdrionna syas


2015-04-27Deborah Naylor5Best Closure Install I've Had"Adrionna was amaxomg. She was very professional and knew exactly what to do with my difficult hair- :) I LOVE My Closure Install.  I've never had such a flawless sew in and I'll definitely be a repeat customer of hers. She is very advanced and has a very bright future ahead of hair in the hair business.  I've gotten so many compliments on my hair. Ppl are even shocked when I tell them I'm wearing a lace closure. I am beyond in love with my hair! !" remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2015-04-30​ M.W.​ 5​ Touch upEven the touch-ups make you look fabulous! Now after a 4 week old install, iI appear to have yet another flawlesss style.tighten closure only no stylingAdrionna syas


2015-05-04​ C.K. First time clientAdrionna is such a sweet young lady and a great stylist!! I absolutely love my sew in w/closure. Its flat, and looks very natural. I will definately be returning to her for my next install. Thank you Adrionna!!!! lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas

2015-05-15charlene lang5beautifulI love her work she take her time making sure my hair is on point ..I have a wedding Saturday in I'm sooooooo in love with my hair my fiance loves it he can't stop touching it ...I can't wait to reschedule.  She Adrionna is a must !!!!!!! Get your hair done by a pro ......Closed sewin (no visible partingAdrionna syas


2015-05-17 Jazmine  B​ 5​ Changing lives one sew in at a time lolI love that she always keeps my hair and edges laid all the time never once have I been disappointed leaving her shop!! 100% amazing tighten and curlAdrionna syas


2015-05-20India N.5Regular ClientLove coming to Adrionna! Very affordable and does an amazing quality of work! Been going to her for a while now to get my sew ins. :)lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-06-04s.d.5WonderfulAdrionna is wonderful! She is professional and does an excellent job on my hair and my daughter's hair.  She's a sweetheart.shampoo and tighten and styleAdrionna syas


2015-06-05 J.Mcpherson​ 5​ Amazing InstallAdrionna did an absolutely amazing job on my first closure install. I was so nervous about a closure because Ive always heard horror stories however, she put my mind at ease once she told me how easy to maintain it would be. Not to mention she was extremely professional and timely. Time is money and my time was well spent. You will definitely not go wrong with Stiched Styles!!!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-06-18 Loren B 5​ Slayed HairI have went to Stitched Styles twice now and my hair has been slayed every time. Adrionna is such a perfectionist! You will not be disappointed. Thanks Stitched Styles. lace/silk closure install Adrionna syas


2015-08-03​ Peggy Ellison​ 5​ Love my HairReally Love My Hair and the customer service is great and I love her and good to have someone to talk and great to have a Styles.lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-08-16W. Saye5ExcellentAdrionna is a very skilled stylist and with a great personality, she is a stylist overall. I was really happy by her work. I love my air so much. She knows what she is doing. Thank you so much girl. I'll definitely be back soon. Keep up the good work. Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2015-09-04​ Charlotte​ 5​ Girl who did your hair Adrionna is the only one I trust to do my weaves. Her closures are seamless, she's fast, but doesn't sacrifice quality. I like the environment that she has in her shop. She's always polite, friendly, & professional. I always get a lot of complaints on my hair and this last time was no exception. Customer's choice install Adrionna syas


2015-09-18​ D.D.​ 5​ A Gift to WomenAdrionna is simply amazing! She is the type of stylist you want to keep forever! We all require something different when it comes to our hair care needs. Adrionna ensures you leave the salon feeling like and looking like 100% woman! She is dependable and reliable. I receive so many compliments on my hair from other women and men--you wouldn't believe it!!!! I absolutely recommend Adrionna! remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2015-09-21​ Andrea  H​ 5​ Book Your Appointment TodayAdrionna has been my beautician for 2 years.  She does a WONDERFUL job on my hair.  She is professional,  courteous and educates you on hair care.  I get so many  compliments on  my hair.  I highly recommend Adrionna don't wait book your appointment today!thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2015-09-24P.W.5Book your appointment todayAs a first time client I must say that stitched styles has earned my business for years to come based upon the exceptional services I received and the talent! My experience was everything a client would expect it be from the complentary wine service upon entering, to the tips about healthy hair, and of course the flawless sew-in ! I'm proud to say my stylist took great care of me and I love my new look! Thanks Adrionna!!! Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2015-10-02Tiffany Washington5FLAWLESS!I absolutely LOVE MY HAIR!!! I am natural and opted for a kinky curl look to go with my texture. I had expressed to Adrionna that I work out so closures are not ideal for me as they move. She listened and delivered a flawless flip over sewin that works with my twist out! It looks so natural and has so much body and movement. Adrionna is a gem in the heart of DFW and she will have you leaving with a strut like you on the catwalk. So excited to have found her and will not go to anyone else!!!September specialAdrionna syas


2015-10-08​ Lakisha Neighbors​ 5​ The best in DFWAdrionna did such a tremendous job on my sew in.  It's been over 2 weeks and I'm still getting compliments daily.  I love the environment of the shop and it's such a nice please to relax while getting my hair done.  Thank you again!!!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2015-10-29charlene lang5beautifulShe is amazing always doing an amazing job with my hair love it every time. I love her closure technique, always making me feel beautiful every time I leave the shop the environment is amazing lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-12-14​ Toni C​ 5​ Quality work, Excellent service!Where can I start?! I absolutely love coming to Adrionna for my sew-ins and weave maintenance. She takes her time to create quality work, while also adhering to your scheduled appointment time and getting you out the door in a timely manner. Adrionna conducts herself professionally and is a true artist at her trade.lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas



2015-12-18mc5This girl is good!"Seriously.. I'm very particular and picky about my hair but she has not disappointed yet. I've seen her closure work on other people and i've never seen them laid so well (at least not in Dallas) and I WILL be following suit ASAP! She's just really good. Seriously, try her. I'm sure that She will not disappoint. "Sew in with leave out Adrionna syas


2015-12-20​ PS Bowers​ 4​ I'm ConvincedI delayed my review to after my third visit and I am convinced that Adrionna is a great stylist. Her work is good and it lasts.  She is timely and doesn't push unnecessary services.  Her prices are reasonable and worth it for the personal,  one-on-one service that you receive. I love the ability to book appointments online. I definitely recommend Adrionna S., Stitched Styles. Tighten the entire installAdrionna syas


2015-12-21Vanessa H5Best sew-in ever!!Adrionna is young and trendy. I've been going to her for years. I've been everywhere to get sew ins and this by far is the best I've ever had and for half of what I use to pay. She will have you looking like a movie star every time you leave her chair. When she schedules you its just you no over booking! You are in and out. As long as Adrionna is doing hair I will be a loyal customer.Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2015-12-21​ L.G.​ 5​ Great ServiceShe is awesome and friendly stylist. She did a full sewin with a closure and it was the best I've ever had!!!! On top of all that she was FAST!!!! Fast, great quality and friendly stylist! remove weave and sewin Adrionna syas


2015-12-21​ Tiffany Washington​ 5​ Bouncing and Behaving"Adrionna gave me a good ole nasty style, honey! A deep side bang & layers for days, she channeled Victoria's Secret hair & I am loving it. My hair has so much bounce to it, & I can'st stop touching it. She has magic in her curlers bc it's been 3 days & the same curls she gave me are still here, bouncing and behaving! She's so versatile, as my last sewin was a natural Afro & this one is just as FLAWLESS! If you need a GREAT & FABULOUS stylist, look no further than Ms. Adrionna!"lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-12-21​ Tonya j​ Closure Laid to the HeavensI am soooo glad I found Adrionna!! She is THE BEST! I have always wanted to try a closure and was skeptical on how it would look. Adrionna had my closure looking like the hair was growing from my scalp! I got major compliments on my hair and even had someone believe it was real lol. I'm loving my full sew in, Adrionna has a customer for life with me!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2015-12-23A.B.5Amazing!!!Adrionna is a dream come true!!! Moving from NYC to TX, my daughter and I were both worried about finding a stylist that was good and that we both liked. Well...we are both ecstatic that we found Adrionna. She is   hands down the BEST stylist that I've gone to. Never do my daughter and I leave Adrionna and not be in love with our hair!!! We are clients for life!!!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2015-12-31Frances T51st time I have left a Salon 100% satisfied!Adrionna,  did a wonderful job on my hair!  I flew in from Florida to Texas and I am completely happy with my hair! lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-01-02​ Phyllis Howard​ 5​ Professional work by an expert "weave master"I was referred a year and a half ago when I bought my first set of bundles but foolishly continued to use my own hair stylist. However, fate led me back to this exceptionally gifted young lady. She is prompt, you select your appointment time and you are in and out in the designated time-not an all day process of trying to squeeze in 3-4 other customers at the same time. You have your own private quality time. My hair is styled to perfection. I looked like a model. I recommend Ms Adrionna to all.lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-01-02C.J.5perfectionThank u for your excellent service and expertise on hair weaving and styling...My hair is always on point!!!!Your hands are Blessed!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-01-06Valencia Erwin5Stop playing and Book with Adrionna, she is AWESOME!!This is my second install by Adrionna  and I LOVE LOVE her work. My braids were not too tight and my install didn't move even with all the new growth I had. I didn't have to come in for retightening or do any touch ups myself between installs AND she was right on point with both styles that I showed her. Adrionna is very professional and I love her work.  I'll definitely be back in her chair.Sew in with leave out Adrionna syas


2016-01-07M.W.4PerfectionistAdrionna makes sure your look is classy, and you are happy with the results (and you will be). As always, she is epitome of what a stylist should be...I'm a regular and will continue to be such.lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-01-07​ Kendra Turner​ 5 Fabulous Satisfied CustomerI love the time Adrianna took out to ensure she executed the look I wanted and made sure I was satisfied even there after.  Tighten the entire installAdrionna syas


2016-01-14​ D.D.​ 5​ THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!So, I tried to think back to how long I've been a client of Adrionna's. I believe it's been about 2 years now (boy how time flies) and every time I leave her chair, I leave a very SATISFIED customer. She works fast and efficiently. She knows your needs and will guarantee you leave looking like a queen! I'm grateful to have a stylist like her in my life! I promise you will be completely satisfied with her services because ADRIONNA IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2016-01-18​ Amanda S​ 5​ Magic hands!Adrionna did a wonderful  job on my install. It's  secure, without being  painful! The curls are popping & bouncing beautifully! Job well done...again!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-01-21Deborah N5Always gets me right!!Adrionna is amazing.  She always gets me right. She is knowledgeable and has excellent service.  I lover going to her because she always gets me right. She does the best closures in the Dallas area and her pricing is excellent for the amazing quality she offers. She is well ahead of her time and makes it her business that u leave her chair happy and loving your hair.  I recommend her to all my friends,  family and clients!!!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-02-06​ Kimesha Jackson​ 5​ feeling myself!I'm absolutely TICKLED PINK!! I LOVE my hair! Adrionna SLAYED my look! I showed her a picture of exactly how I wanted my install/closure  and she went above and frickin beyond!! She's super efficient, affordable, professional, friendly, clean, knowledgeable & amazingly talented. I'm extremely picky & overally obsessive when it comes to my hair & she exceeded my expectations! Thank you for making me feel beautiful & fierce!! My hair is bouncy, healthy & flawless honey! TickledPink EP approved! New clients specialAdrionna syas


2016-02-07c.t.5AwesomeWas referred to Adrionna by a coworker. Boy was I impressed. As a faithful customer of many, I have a hard time with consistency. Get it right one visit and the next wrong. Adrionna has gotten it right every time. Although I am plain and a picky person, she has accommodated every request!!! lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-02-14​ Y.S. 5​ AdriannaMy girl works wonders!  She will do exactly what I ask her...  If I take her a pic she will have my hair exactly like that pic... Hair on fleek!!!! shampoo and tighten onlyAdrionna syas




2016-02-16​ Nunu 5​ Best first experience ever!If you're looking for the best "Hair Extensionist" in the DFW, then make an appointment with Stitched Styles. I am new to Texas and have had a few horrible experiences. I met Adrionna for the first time and was very impressed!  She did an excellent job on my hair. She was very attentive to detail and, even though this was the first time that she did my hair, it was almost as if she knew exactly what I wanted and accomplished just that. She definitely has a new client!! Book your appointment! lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-02-21 Dee C​ 5​ Adrionna is the BEST!Adrionna will make you feel beautiful. She is professional and always a perfectionist. I've been going to get her for over 2 years a so fine trust anyone else with my hair she is the absolute best hands down!LOYAL CUSTOMER installs!!!Adrionna syas


2016-02-24​ ERICA T​ 5​ BEST OF THE BEST"Adrionna is absolutely the BEST when it comes to hairstyles. This was my very first sew in and I can say I LOVE MY HAIR. I wouldn't dare go to anyone else anymore. BELIEVE me you won't be disappointed. Ms. Adrionna thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel beautified. I will see you SOON.

FIRST TIME CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!! "tighten closure only no stylingAdrionna syas


2016-02-26​ Temitayo Oguntade​ 5​ Just the Best!I had such an amazing experience with Adrionna! She was nice to me from the very beginning, and so professional! I explained what I've been through with my hair and she said " we'll get it back"! She listened to what I wanted, and did it!  She braided my hair and sewed it in and it did not even hurt! This is the best it has looked, and she told me how to care for it! I'm her client for life! If you want a great sew in and someone who cares about you, and youhair then Adrionna is your woman!Closed sewin (no visible partingAdrionna syas


2016-03-04​ Kc Fox​ 5​ TV ReadyMy hair is literally flawless! I have never worn a closure because I've always felt they never looked natural. Let me tell you honey, this closure is everything! Layers are flawless!  Hair is full of body. Color on point! Professional, poised and perfect!Closed sewin (no visible partingAdrionna syas


2016-03-07​ Tiffany Washington​ 5​ Adrionna is a GemI just love Adrionna! She's so sweet and professional and she can STITCH some hair! She gave me a sassy bob, that has so much bounce and flair, it was exactly what I wanted! She's the only person I trust when it comes to giving me a flawless weave, while maintaining the integrity of my natural hair. A completely painless weave, so you don't leave having the botox look, just a seamless, natural, flawless look! Closed sewin (no visible partingAdrionna syas

2016-03-27​ T.R.5​ Professional / ExceptionalI am extremely happy with the results. She delivered beyond my expectations. My extensions have never looked this natural. I have a lot more versatility with my hair than I had going to other salons. She also wrote on a thank you card great recommendations for upkeep and maintenance on my first visit. She was also very personable. I'm so happy I found her! Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-03-30Jewel L5Nailed it on the 1st appointment!I can't express how excited I am to know that I have found my new stylist!! She was professional and took time to ask me all the necessary questions that so many stylistforget to inquire about. She treated my scalp before applying my extensions and went out of her way to ensure I was comfortable. Very impressed and LOVED the results!!!! She Nailed it!!! JL lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-04-06LaTeisha B4GreatnessI was nervous going to Adrionna for the 1st time but was pleasantly surprised! 1st time in a long time that I left a stylist completely satisfied! I have gotten so many compliments. And she took her time and made sure that I was comfortable and my hair was what I wanted.  I will definitely be back!Closed sewin (no visible parting Adrionna syas


2016-04-10Amanda S5Always satisfied!Adrionna's work is consistently great! Comfortable trendy environment & professional top quality service! Adrionna treats her clients like family! Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-04-25Shevonne Copeland5She's the best!"I have been coming to Adrionna for over two years now and she has yet to disappoint! She is very caring and takes the time to make sure she provides you with the style you want. I have yet to find anyone else who can slay a sew in like her! Thanks Adrionna!!!! I love my hair :)"LOYAL CUSTOMER installs!!!Adrionna syas


2016-05-01B.W.5Long time comingI had wanted to try this service for very long and I finally got the opportunity to do so. I loved every minute of my appointment! Fast efficient and painless...I will be using Adriona again! lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-05-11Khaliah Archie5Found my new stylist"I have always struggled with finding someone that can make my closure look the way it was suppose to.  Not only was I in a private suite, the process was fast, fun and I loved it.  Def will be coming back again!  Thanks"lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-05-14Pamela Sosa4Love My New DoI enjoyed my experience with the entire process of getting my hair styled. I love my new hair my husband was so happy with my look. Stitched lace closuresAdrionna syas


2016-05-18Renee Wesley5A+ Sylist"Adrianna is by far the best stylist I have ever had. Ms. A has been doing my weaves for the past 5 years and she has always done an exceptional job. She gives you what you ask for and won't rest until you are satisfied. May God continue to bless you and increase your territory.Ms. Renee"Sew in with lace closureAdrionna syas


2016-05-23Tara H5Best stylist ever!This was my second time getting a sewin with Adrianna and I will never go to another stylist. Her knowledge and skill level is above and beyond. She will give you exactly what you ask for despite any hair challenges you may have. Plus, she is very friendly and personable. Best stylist ever!thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2016-06-02M.W.5Always pleasedI have never left the shop with my hair anything but flawless! She's definitely a keeper! #skilled #nocomplaintsStitched lace frontalAdrionna syas


2016-06-18Pamela R5She's Good!I've been going to Adrionna for a few years and I've never been disappointed. I do and will continue to recommend her to anyone that wants a professional stylist. She has me as a client forever. Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-06-21Deborah N5Very good hair stylist!!!!I'm a proud client of Adriona. She has done my sew in with / closure for a few years now. I can truly say I have not been disappointed yet! I will recommend her to any one. She is capable of meeting your hair needs.  Tighten the entire installAdrionna syas


2016-06-27L.S.5Awesome hairstylistAdrionna has been doing my hair for over 4 years now and I can't say enough good things about her.  Shes fast and efficient and has a beautiful personality all qualities I look for in a hairstylist.  I have received so many compliments.  Thanks so much.LOYAL CUSTOMER installs!!!Adrionna syas


2016-07-01Natosha Hooks5Skilled stylist!Ms. Adrionna did my hair extensions and style for my wedding. I couldn't have been more pleased with the install and styling. Professional and attentive to detail. I will be back! Thanks Adrionna Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas

2016-07-11Mika C5She Slayed it...I love going to get my hair slayed by Adrionna. She is very professional, the prices are very reasonable & she is very knowledgeable about her craft. I am always very satisfied with her work. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-07-11Anna T5First Timer!This was my very first time ever getting a sew in..but please know it will not be the last! !! Adrionna did her thang!! I was so amazed at the job she did and have been getting compliments since the install!!! Look for me..I will be bk!thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2016-07-13T.R.5I love my hair!It's been two weeks since my appointment and I'm still so happy with the results of my hair. Adrionna is so professional. I love how she schedules her appointments. She gives you her full attention and there are no delays. Her technique is amazing! My hair looks so natural and gorgeous. My hair turned out better than I anticipated. I've never been this happy with a stylist! I'm so glad I found her for myself and my daughter. Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-07-25Tiffany Washington5Another Slay!!!Adrionna didn't come to play, she came to SLAY!! And that's exactly what she did! I've been a client for almost a year now, and each and every time she delivers. I am a lover a big hair, and Adrionna never fails when i ask for my diva hair! It's been 2 weeks and this install is giving me so much life right now. I have the flip over method so I can wear a ponytail when working out, pulled to the side, wear my afro wild and free, the possibilities are endless! She is amazing!!!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-08-08Garyn B5Back to school ready.Ms Adrianna did a great job on my hair and it didn't hurt when she braided it. I love it! She was very patient.Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-08-08G.J.5Stitched StylesLadies 1st off let me tell you that Adrianna did her thing with the great weaving skills but, there's no longer a need to bring books, games and canceling those nail appt's etc. She has this new assistant who braids and she's good not going to pull your hair out or make you have slanted eyes when she's done she is very gentle with your head and, the BEST part my niece and I had a 6 hourtime slot between the 2 of us and ladies we were out in 2 did I say 2 hours. Let's keep them busy ladies...Adrionna syas


2016-08-26Linda Powell5magnificent"extraordinary quick awesome visionary technique savvy giving friendly consciousness deliverer great"Closed sewin (no visible partingAdrionna syas

2016-08-27Taletha Prospere5The best experience I've had in a long timeI have to admit after walking in I expected to be there all day long. I brought my snacks and my phone fully charged,  However my appointment was at 12:30 and I out at 2:30 fully STITCHED. My install is Beautiful,  Comfortable and Affordable and what a beautiful talented sweet young lady my new Stylists is... Thank You Stitched Styles!Mommys back to school specialAdrionna syas


2016-09-08TeAndra Gipson5My Daughters Hair"Ms. Adrianna,

I have been ranting and raving about my daughters hair to everyone and anyone who would listen I have snapped pictures and videos of my baby's hair. she loves that sew in honey she gas kids at the school wanting to know who did her hair and where your located and so on. Your professionalism and love for your craft is why my baby and i will continue coming to you for ever for our sew ins. You where so quick and it is so beautiful i'm truly in awww over her install. Thank You !!!"Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-09-12Tiffany W5Love My Havana TwistsI absolutely love my Havana Twists! Adrionna had me in and out in 60 mins! I am normally a sew-in chick but I wanted something different and easier to maintain and wash with my workouts and running, so I decided to try Havanas. Ladies, her technique is flawless and they look like individuals instead of crochet! If you want to try something other than you sew-ins, make sure you look at ALL of the services she provides, you will not be disappointed!Crochet weave/braidsAdrionna syas


2016-09-12J.B.5AwesomeThere are no words that I can provide to tell you how talented this young lady is!! She's truly amazing! It was my first visit and I must say it seems like I've known her forever!! I'm definitely a client for life!!thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2016-09-12Shana Murray5One Satisfied Customer!I would employ anyone who want to be beautiful again or  just more beautiful to contact Adrionna with StichedStyles. She has healing hands. She can take a little a do alot as she did that with me! My Monday has been great because I look great! Thanks for having a no judge zone, and thanks for doing such a great job on what God has called you to do him! I will definitely see ya again!Lace frontal (The Elite Install)Adrionna syas


2016-09-14D.B.5Great jobShe did a wonderful job on my hair. I love the style and she did exactly what i asked her to do and answered any questions i had. She's Great!!!Mommys back to school specialAdrionna syas


2016-09-19K.H.5Replaced ClosureI was horrified with my original closure. Made several attempts to get it changed with my original stylist. Adrionna, was more than willing to assist me with the change, and I was sooooo please with the outcome. Thanks for being available!!!Replace lace closureAdrionna syas


2016-09-24Meghan W5Changed my mind about salonsI am so pleased with the service I recieved. It was so fast which is what has always prevented me from going to salons in the past.. What really sold me is when she asked if I was a "pretty sleeper" and I said know she gave me the option to come back and get my hair curled right before my event. There was no need though because she advised me on how to keep it right through the night. I'm am totally satisfied!partial weave Adrionna syas


2016-09-26Lauren R5So thankful!Adrionna was so sweet and professional! She listened to what I wanted in regards the wig that she made (which she made to fit and made quickly) and styled it nicely. If I did live so far away I would come to her for all of my hair care needs. If my money is right I will make that drive more often :)Lace frontal (The Elite Install)Adrionna syas


2016-10-09kimberly taylor5Sewell in w/closureHuge thanks to Adrianna for slaying this style for me. Adrianna is punctual, educateds clients in maintenance and best style for your lifestyle. Was able to book my much needed appt last minute and very satisfied. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2016-10-10G.J.5Full weave with closureAs usual Adrionna did her professional master piece on my head.... ladies if you want to look all natural even with a closure this is definitely the lady you want to see.... Thank You Ms. Amazing!!!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-10-15Brittinie S5Full sew in with closure (middle part bob)"Hello All!

Adrionna is very nice and professional. This was my first time sitting in her chair and I am very pleased, I've gotten many compliments. One major thing I noticed that she does that not many stylists do is face you towards a mirror while she does your hair. She makes sure that you can see exactly what your hair is going to look like and that you're 100% satisfied. She also is very accommodating (offers drinks) and very responsive to texts messages when you have questions. "lace/silk closure install Adrionna syas



2016-11-12Shandale Smith5City Celebrity!!Whenever I call Adrionna is always readily available to help me with my hair struggles. I booked my appointment a few weeks out but had to reschedule at the last minute. She was excellent in helping me get it switched with another client. She got me in and out in exactly 2.5 hours flat. I appreciate her professionalism and skilled hands, definitely making her a City Celebrity in my book. Book with her, you can thank me later!!!!LOYAL CUSTOMER installs!!!Adrionna syas


2016-11-21Dee C5The Best of the Best!Adrionna knows exactly what she's doing in every aspect when it comes to leaving you feeling beautiful and having a great hair experience! I've been going to her for 3 years and can't ever imagine going to anyone else. Highly recommended!shampoo and tighten and styleAdrionna syas


2016-11-24Aaronda W5Yaaasssss HuntyI have found me a new beautician!! Adrionna you are officially stuck with me boo! I absolutely love my hair! My sew-in looks so natural & the way you braided my hair, it doesn't feel so bulky! And not to mention, as soon as I sat in your chair, you went to work & I was back at home in no time! I'm very pleased & I highly recommend her! Thank you again, see you in a couple months! Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2016-12-11yolonda shorter5Slay!Adrionna works hunti she always does exactly what I need to do. She is makes me slay every time I go in! tighten and curlAdrionna syas


2016-12-31Laura Headlam5Stitched StylesThis was my first time having a frontal with a sew-in and Adrionna did not disappoint, when I say this lady has hands that are annointed to do hair, I mean just that.  Her Customer Service skills are unmatched, she was on time, very informative about how to care for my hair and her prices were very reasonable.  I love my hair and recommend highly recommend her services. #verysatisfiedcustomer  Sew in + 2 bundles+frontalAdrionna syas


2017-01-01Tiffany W5Still Got My Edges!Adrionna has been doing my sewin for over a year now & I still have edges! Her braiding technique is flawless and there isn't any tension - many stylist cannot master that. My sewin is gorgeous, big, fabulous, & curly! I can wear a ponytail or natural part and my hair blends flawlessly! Ladies go to the best and sit in her chair, you will not be disappointed! Her sweet and humble persona matches her flawless installs, she is a DFW HAIR TREASURE :)Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas



2017-01-15markeba W5Love herNot only do I get a great do in a private atmosphere, I also get in a good much needed nap. Thanks, hun.lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2017-01-29N.O.5Amazing!!Let me start off by saying... She is amazing at her craft and is very professional. I love that she takes her time! Her braiding technique is not tight, no humps, bumps and lumps. I recommend anyone looking to get "stitched".  look no further! She will lay and slay!! Thanks so much!! lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2017-02-16Mashawnda S5Custom wigLove my wig!!  Excellent customer service very accommodating and professional. Exceeded expectations WIG APPLICATION AND STYLINGAdrionna syas


2017-02-21Deedee D5Sew-in w/Closure - FlawlessAll I can say is that Adrionna is a genius! You will leave her chair feeling like and looking like a queen! I trust her with my hair! She listens to what you want and she provides amazing customer service! I've probably been her client for about 4 years now and every time I've left her chair with flawless hair!!! She is the BEST STYLIST!!!remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2017-02-21Becky W5ConsistentI always enjoy my experience with Adrionna. She is consistently providing exceptional customer service as well as an awesome hair styling experience.  I will continue to recommend this service to all..thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2017-03-08A. Coleman5Closure sew inAdrionna is always there to get you in and always does and awesome job on my hair. Never rushes me and learns what her clients like. She will forever be my stylist!lace/silk closure install Adrionna syas


2017-03-19Paula S5AdrionnaThis woman is AMAZING!!! I will as long as I live in TX be going and having a seat in her chair.  She made my "struggle" disappear right before my eyes.lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2017-04-08Andrea B5Best Stylist Ever!!!Adrionna is absolutely the best!!! Anytime I leave her salon, I know my hair is on point. She's very personable and an all around sweetheart! When she talks to you its like you've known each other forever. She always offers great ideas and suggestions. definitely won't be sorry!!!Tighten the entire install Adrionna syas

2017-04-09S.J.4Thumbs up!Great stylist with great attention to detail. I think that this is the first time that I have actually left a salon with my hair exactly like I wanted it.remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2017-04-10Terri S5Great Job !She has a great personality and she does a great job. It doesn't take her long to have you looking  fabulous. I love my hair. She's also making  me a wig. I can't wait to see it. Thank you thinning/balding sewin Adrionna syas


2017-04-11TABITHA S5Excellent serviceI counted on this appointment with Adrianna because she always have me looking fabulous with no doubts about it!! Shes fast and efficient  and atmosphere of her salon is very calm and relaxing as well. I would definitely recommend anyone to her.Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2017-04-15Taletha Prospere5My Fabulous SewinDon't waste your time sitting at the salon day and night. Stitched Styles will have in and out and your hair looking fabulous!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2017-04-17Darla L5HappyProfessional, on time and good work! I have received many compliments. I will be coming back. Thank you!Adrionna syas


2017-04-17ERICA T5Best Stylist in DFWMs. Adrionna is absolutely the best stylist in DFW! She is very professional and anytime you have a seat in her chair you will be satisfied. I won't go to anyone else Stiched Styles is the place to be! Adrionna syas


2017-04-17Robbi D5Great StylistThis was my first time having Adrionna style my hair and she was wonderful. She was professional and down to earth. I will definitely be going back!Adrionna syas


2017-04-25L.Y.5Gorgeous Indian!!Adrianna made this a wonderful experience. She was polite and On Time. I got exactly what i asked for as well as a few pointers on how the upkeep my beautiful curls. I cant stop looking in the mirror. I've finally found someone in the city who can keep me slayed!!!!!!!Yesssslace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2017-05-06Sheila S5I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ITAdrionna installed a full sew-in with a closure for me last week. She did a fabulous  job, and it did not take her very long to complete it. I absolutely love my hair, and I have received so many compliments. I will definitely be go in back. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas

2017-05-07Tiffany Washington5Best kept secret in DFWI just LOVE Adrionna! I had a wig made and ordered hair through her line. What can I say other than THIS CHICK IS AMAZING!!! She colored the wig to perfection with a reddish-burgundy ombré and got me feeling like Jessica Rabbit. As great of a stylist she is, it's even better that she is humble and a gem. Hands down the best secret in all of DFW and I urge you to run and hop in her chair. Quit looking busted and come to the BEST THERE IS. PERIOD!!!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2017-05-16Wooday Saye5Excellent hair stylistShe is the best, very friendly and knows what she is doing. Bottom line she is excellent at what she does. Am always satisfied after she does my hair.Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2017-05-18Shevonne Copeland5Awesome!!!!I'm so excited about my frontal! This was my first time getting a frontal and Adrionna you did wonderful! I couldn't be happier and more pleased. It truly looks natural and I feel so good swinging my 22inches from side to side! Thanks again and you know I'll be back! ;)Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2017-05-25Paula D5Stanfield Realtors inc"She's very professional and does a good job.  

She's always on time and clients don't have to wait.  "remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2017-07-04LaTonya C5Dope StylistStitched Styles aka Adrionna is the best. She is quick & efficient. Always does what you ask of her. Her personality & personable professionalism is unparalleled. She takes care of your hair & your hair . remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2017-07-06Kimberly G5Gifted HandsI've been contemplating getting a sew in for over a year but with what I thought were major hair and scalp issues I kept putting it off. What I though was impossible this beautiful stylist made possible. She's professional, friendly, talented etc etc. I love my hair and would recommend her to everyone. Grand Prairie's hidden jewel  $50-$100 Sew in bundle dealAdrionna syas


2017-07-08C.B.5Wig unitsIt was my first time and had a great experience. I had 2 units made and I'm in love with them. I love that you can get your units made the same day. Awesome!!! Was there on time and your time is allotted for you. Very important.  Will be returning for more units to be made. WIG constructionAdrionna syas



2017-08-20Tiffany W5Love My WigThis is the 2nd wig that Adrionna has made me and I absolutely Looooove It! Ladies, it takes most stylist 15-20 days to make your wig, but Adrionna provides same day service. The wig is impeccably made and extremely secure. You can flip this hair to the Gawds and it's not sliding off or going anywhere. With the temperature rising, wigs are where it's at honey! Look flawless during the day and stop doing the sewin pat! Have you one made today by the best! You won't be disappointed WIG constructionAdrionna syas


2017-09-06Chameka Lusk5AdrionnaThank you so much for making me look beautiful!  You were very fast and efficient!  No disappointments here!   New client specialAdrionna syas


2017-09-11Deshannon Jackson5My hair is Gorgeous!!This lady became a friend. Very sweet, taught me a lot about my hair and super super funny! I will go again.2 part sew inAdrionna syas


2017-09-21Tiffany T5Amazing workLoved this appt. My sew in is perfect for my wedding. She was on time and didn't double book. Even told me when something I thought I wanted wouldn't like right, even though it would have made her more money. I appreciate the truth.New client specialAdrionna syas


2017-10-03Sharron Neal5My experience as a 1st time customerExcellent and very attentive to her clients to make sure they are very happy when you leave.  Will make recommendations and give professional advise, very caring, very knowledgeable and knows her stuff.  She  makes your appointment about you during your visit, you will have undivided attention.remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2017-10-04Natasha W5Awesome Experience!This was my first time going and I will say this was a GREAT experience.  I was very happy with my hair and how she was very caring and informative.  She is a great stylist and I will definitely be going back.  thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2017-10-04Becky W5Awesime as usualLove Adrionma and the job she does each and every time I get my hair maintenance! Love Stitched Styles!tighten and curlAdrionna syas


2017-10-09Yolonda Shorter5Best hairdresser in the worldAdrionna is the best hairdresser ever!!!! She does exactly what I want and makes me feel like Beyonce when I leave!!! Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas

2017-11-03Andrea B5I love me some her!!! Never will I ever let another stylist in my head. Adrionna is the best! I get up out her stylist chair feeling brand new each and every time. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2017-11-12T.F.5Awesome Stylist!Adrionna is the best! I am always pleased with my hair and love fact that she takes her time and great care of my hair as well.Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2017-11-14T.R.5One of a kind!I'm exceptionally happy with Adrionna's work and her professionalism. The experience with her is always wonderful from the scheduling process until the end of service. Everything is so convenient. I've been a client for years and she is consistent with her quality of work and her professional service. Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2017-12-17Valecia Erwin5Love my StylistI’ve been going to Adrionna for almost 2 years now and when I say EVERY TIME I leave the Salon I am SATISFIED!!!  No matter what style I ask her to do she always nails it!!  I also have to mention that I don’t have to go back for tightenings as her brand speaks for itself!!  My sew-ins are not too tight but just right.....even after I wash it my tracks are still in place.  I’m a customer for life!!!Members only traditional sew inAdrionna syas


2017-12-22Rita Page5The Best Ever!I had the opportunity to visit Adrionna for an installment of a wig that I bought online.The experience was wonderful. She braided my hair in record time and installed my front lace wig impeccably! I would definitely recommend Adrionna to anyone looking for professionalism, caring personality, and the style you want.Tell her Rita sent you!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2017-12-23G.J.5A M A Z I N GI’ve been going to Adrionna for almost a year, and from my first experience to my most recent experience has been exceptional. Everytime I leave out her chair I feel like a new woman and the number of compliments on my hair continues to overflow. She is amazing and very talented. Sew on closure wigAdrionna syas


2017-12-25Mrs. Potter5First Time, Will Return!I love her work! This was my first time going to Adrionna. I've been on the hunt for a good stylist to install my occasional weaves. She definitely works hard to perfect her craft. I went in wanting a particular style, she gave her professional suggestions. Did her thing, I was satisfied! Now I'm receiving compliments after compliments. Thanks Adrionna, I'll now be spreading the word.Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2018-01-22Yolonda Shorter5The best hairstylist on earth!Love my hair but everytime I go in i let her work her magic and I ALWAYS love my results. I trust her judgement and I know she will have me looking like Beyonce! Jk Adrionna is the truth and knows what shes doing.....don't sleep on her!Adrionna syas


2018-01-26Virginia C5Excellent service-consistentlyAdrionna is the best. I walk in looking a mess and step out of the salon runway ready every time. Her professionalism and punctuality is superior and her hands are blessed by the Lord Himself. The website streamlines services, pricing, and booking which makes things so much more convenient. She is honest, ethical, and always creates a great environment for you to be pampered in. Since I’ve gone to her I’ve noticed a significant increase in hair growth. I highly recommend her!!!!!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2018-02-15Renee W4Always on POINT"Adrianna always brings it!!!! I've been going to her for over 5 yrs. and she still gives an A+ job. She never disappoints but is always on POINT. Keep doing what you do baby girl.

Ms. Renee "Crochet weave/braidsAdrionna syas


2018-03-01C.R.5Beautiful install and Healthy hairI've been coming to Adrionna for over four years now. Each install has been great and this time was no different. She prides herself on not only installing and maintaining flawless weaves, but also in ensuring that my natural hair is well protected. I'm a fan not only because of the finished look, but also because the health of my own hair doesn't suffer. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas

2018-03-17Lisa Green5Slay EverydayIf you want to SLAY EVERYDAY knowing that your natural hair is protected, then visit Adrionna of Stitched Styles. She does not braid too tight and her technique leaves you looking flawless. She is very knowledgeable and personable as well. She is 100% all about her clients. It's all about you in a private suite. No juggling clients or wasting your time. This was my first visit and I am hooked. If you want to SLAY EVERYDAY, visit Stitched Styles soon!thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2018-04-01Crystal M5Simply Beautiful!She is the TRUTH!!! I have been searching for someone with magical hands and she definitely has that! Not only is she professional but she is amazing at what she does! I’m a client for life! Simply Beautiful!!🙌🏾❤$50-$100 Sew in bundle dealAdrionna syas



2018-05-24CATESHA M5Best Hair StylistI love Adrionna bc she is very professional and NEVER  have her clients waiting..Adrionna has been doing my installs for years and I refuse to go elsewhere...Adrionna syas


2018-05-28Jazmine B5Listen sis ..I don’t think y’all understand what your about to experience when you walk in to her room .. you gonna get laughter, fun , some truth if you need it and CONFIDENCE sis I been going to this girl for 3 years now and I’ve never left from her chair dissapointed I’ve alwayd been happy so if you haven’t already make an appointment I mean if you don’t then .. what are you doing? Members only traditional sew inAdrionna syas


2018-05-28Z.F.5My favorite hair experience yetAdrionna is a really good stylist and moves very quickly. She’s so funny too, so it makes the time more enjoyable. The hair is really great and easy to install. I will definitely be going back! New client specialAdrionna syas


2018-06-24M.B.5Quality WorkAdrionna styled my hair exactly how I asked. She did a great job and was very professional. I will definitely be using her again.New client specialAdrionna syas


2018-07-14Andrea B5Another Fab Job!!!What can I say that I haven’t possibly already said about Adrionna. You walk in feeling like walk out feeling like ooh la la!!! She has that magic touch and knows exactly what will look good on you!!!Members only traditional sew inAdrionna syas


2018-09-01Becky W5Absolutely wonderful!I always love the work done by Adrionna! She is fast, personable and makes my visit  pleasant and on top of that my hair is always on point and beautiful! She will continue to have my business.thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2018-09-07Renee H5Great ExperienceShe was very detailed, kind. Just an all around awesome experience!  left her chair feeling like a Barbie. I have found a new beautician!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2018-09-23Jasmine Chase 5Perfect teacherVery patienct teacher. She showed me each step at my pace. No rushing or demeaning attitude. She answers all my questions even though the class is over.Adrionna syas

2018-09-26L.N.5Amazing...Amazingly talented!!!  I am always amazed at her professionalism, style and technique. I am soooo pleased!!WIG constructionAdrionna syas

2018-10-08Jasmine Badillo5The Best!Adrionna was so sweet and  professional ! She colored my hair exactly how I wanted it and styled it beyond my imagination! Definitely found my new stylist.thinning/balding sewin Adrionna syas


2018-11-26M.W.4Very quickI can't believe you finished my lace-front style in well under 2 hours! Wow!!!  Thanks for a great look!!!!!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2019-03-05Cambria Allison5Quick LearningA must go to professional enviroment. Experience was great and detailed the teacher was patient and kind.Wig TrainingAdrionna syas


2019-03-12Gigi5Machine wig classAbsolutely loved how professional & patient you were with me & making sure I understood each step! I would definitely recommend you for others who are wanting to learn !Wig TrainingAdrionna syas


2019-03-20Curtina M5One on oneMy class was awesome i left feeling like my money was well spent.  She even followed up after the appointmentWig TrainingAdrionna syas


2019-04-12Anick Brown5AmazingWe loved everything about the service we received from Adrionna.   I recommend Adrionna for any occasion!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2019-11-24TERRI SIMPSON5Hair ReviewThe high lights were the perfect color. The hair is soft and beautiful. She always does a Great Job  ! Thank you !WIG APPLICATION AND STYLINGAdrionna syas


2020-06-14Amanda Willis5Microlink InstallThe stylist was very professional and informative. Each step of the process was explained. I have so much versatility with this hair. The outcome was beautiful! Thank you! Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2020-06-15Quiana Guinyard5Micro linksMs.syas is the best !! Very patient and let’s you know exactly what she is about to do. Never felt so comfortable and excited to get my hair. She made me feel welcomed and at home!! I say book with her you will love your hair !!! & my favorite thing is she did not rush at all ! Sweet lady 🖤 my micro links looks amazing if I can add a picture I will ‘ she’s fantastic will be returning hereMicrolinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas

2020-06-25Antoria E5Loving my microlinksFrom stylist to stylist, I appreciate your talent and customer service. According to my husband, every since I got my hair done I've been acting Brand New.. HA!!Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2020-06-26Lashontae Steward5Great Work !I love her work , Great customer Service so sweet !! I will be back soon . Very fast work , and made my hair look AmazingMicrolinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2020-06-26Shaneice J5MicroLinksMs Syas was so sweet and helpful.  I love my hair!!! She did a wonderful job and carefully explained how to maintain my hair.  I will definitely be back!Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2020-07-24Alisha H5Itips!Adrionna is AMAZING. She has great customer service, personality, and skill. Even went out of her way to correct a mistake I made. So in love with my itips. She is so talented! Also made sure I knew how to maintain and protect this style.Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2020-08-03Sandy5AMAZING WORK!Super duper sweet and anointed hands indeed! In addition to such a precious and patient personality! :) THANK YOU so much for nailing my 50th birthday style! I absolutely loved it, received tons of compliments and look forward to coming back again! Keep up the great work!Adrionna syas


2020-10-13Shakeisha Johnson5Love it...Sew In, ClousureWas a client a few years back, and I made my way back, Adrionna is the best hair stylist I've ever had, and she genuinely cares about the health of your hair..will be back very soon!!!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2020-10-17Keauna Green5My reviewShe was so amazing I love my hair she was really sweet and kind she was patient she took her time and her prices are well worth her work I will recommend her any daylace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2020-10-17Quan N5MicrolinksI’ve being coming to Adrionna for years and she never disappoints. I decided to try micro links again and i love them she is very knowledgeable and press (natural hair)Adrionna syas


2020-11-02Kam Jordan5New Client"I was referred to Adrionna by one of my friends, and from the initial conversation she was transparent, open, and very informative about hair care and her exquisite services. She sent pictures and has a plethora of pictures on her social media sites to check.

The day of appointment was the same and her personal vibes are sweet and warming!!! She kept me informed during the process and made sure I was okay. I don't know about you but FIRST IMPRESSIONS are always good. #SheStuckWithMe🥰"Microlink includes hair 22-26Adrionna syas


2020-11-04Meka Saravanakumar5Love my hair!!!I absolutely love my hair. Adrinna was so professional and made sure the style was what I wanted and likelace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2020-11-05Felicia Hyde5Very Professional"I am extremely pleased with getting MicroLinks!!

Adrionna is very professional and was more than happy to explain the process and welcomed all my various questions. She is knowledgeable and trully knows her craft and cares about the customers experience and has excellent customer service and the Quality of her services is awesome!! I invest in my hair care and quality of the care, this means alot to me. She is on time and has a positive atmosphere in her shop she loves what she does and it show"Microlink includes hair 22-26Adrionna syas


2020-11-10Deborah Naylor5I love Adrionna!! Best in the DFW got MicrolinksI absolutely love Adrionna!! She’s outstanding at what she does and my go to stylist for a secure sew in and microlinks. I love her attitude, professionalism and personality. She’s does a seamless install regardless of your weaving needs. She truly cares about her craft and ages the entire reason I LOVE microlinks and will probable never wear a regular sewin again. My signature style now is the 3 bundle Microlinks package!!Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2020-11-13Senita Copeland5Awesome experienceI truly enjoyed Adrionna, she was personable, professional, knowledgeable, and fast! I absolutely LOVE my hair and will definitely use her again for my future sew-in’s. Thank you so much! lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas

2020-11-15Jade B5The best!Adrionna maintained the absolute best professionalism, she took her time to ensure the best results. I left her shop with the utmost confidence than ever before. She has just earned a lifetime customer. lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas



2020-12-02D.G.5My membership services"I love my hair as always, she's my favorite hair stylist. I'm always happy when I leave her chair.

I don't know what I'd do with out her!"Membership maintenanceAdrionna syas


2020-12-16mandanette Hendrix5Micro linksAdrionna is amazing! I love my hair 😍 Very professional and the hair quality is top notch! I definitely recommend her for your Micro link install. You won't be disappointed! My hair is full and you can't tell where my hair stops and that the extensions begin!Adrionna syas


2020-12-21Oshika Ford5The bestThis by far has been the best experience ive had with a stylist in years. I recently had a bad experience with a bad sew in. Along with the bad sew in the previous stylist also sold me beauty supply hair and passed it off to me as Brazilian bundles. When i got to ms adrionna she was very knowledgeable and had amazing customer service. She handled me with great care, got me in right away, and was able to supply me with quality real hair. This experience went beyond my expectations and im lookingAdrionna syas


2020-12-21Oshika Ford5Part 2 of 1Looking forward to my next install and she definitely has a customer for life. Just by the quality of customer service and how she handled me im sold.remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2021-01-09Tierria L5January bundle specialAdrionna customer service was everything! I absolutely love my hair and have received lots of compliments. I will definitely be booking again.3 bundles + sew in specialAdrionna syas


2021-01-17Mikaya M5Fantastic!Adrionna was super gentle and friendly during the entire session and did an amazing job on my hair, would definitely recommend her to everyone!2 part sew inAdrionna syas


2021-01-19MELISSA MOORE5Great serviceMy experience was great, she gave me good tips on hair care she explained every step . I love my hair I have found my stylist   At stitched styles .3 bundles + sew in specialAdrionna syas


2021-01-23O.F.5Beyoncé look alikeBack again for my second appointment and yet again I’ve had another good experience. My service this time included a wash, tighten and curl to my sewin. It took her no time to knock my service out and I left looking like Beyoncé with the curls. It would be safe at this point to say I’m not going anywhereshampoo and tighten and styleAdrionna syas

2021-01-26Jasmine Lopez5Wonderful serviceI’m use to always buying bad bundles I gave up hope on finding good ones with reasonable prices until Adrionna did my hair I received sew-in with hair included. I have to say this is the by far the best bundles an sew-in. I am definitely happy an she will be my go to stylist from here on out!!!! Thank you so much I am very happy..!!!!3 bundles + sew in specialAdrionna syas


2021-01-27LaToyneka Brown5MicroLinksAdrionna , my experience was great, you gave me good tips on hair care I like how you explained every step. I also love how you make one feel welcome and comfortable while sitting in your chair. I love my hair. Thanks you.Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2021-01-28Amber Greene5She’s Stuck with MeLabeling Adrionna as a simply just a stylist is blasphemy! I booked my appointment as a confident know-it-all thinking that I knew what was the best style, technique and  texture for me. Adrionna gently suggested an alternative. I initially declined. But something within led me to take her suggestion. Wow!! She knows her stuff! Not only does she make me feel beautiful, she takes the time to educate her clients and also explains the steps she’s taking and why. Call her “The Hair Therapist”!Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2021-01-31Lashonda J5Hair"Adrionna is the best hands down. I love the fact that she has quality hair available with the install. I have kinky curly and its soft, non shedding and does not tangle at the nape.  it's been about a month. The hair is still as luxurious as it was when she installed it. I got it washed and styled and it bounced back without loosening the curl pattern. I have micro links and I am so I love with the flawless install. It is flat and easy to manage. I love her energy, the climate and she cares."Micro link RefresherAdrionna syas


2021-02-27Kaylah Wilson5Much "You kno Ima fan‼️‼️ I enjoyed the shop talk and  definitely enjoying my 26inches 🎉 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but is encouraged by another Queen. 🌹❤️"2 part sew inAdrionna syas


2021-03-05Crystal Bankhead5My first time as her clientAs a first time client, I was nervous but, she welcomed and made me feel comfortable. She's very professional and prompt. I must say, she's good at what she does. Hands down. I love the idea she takes her time to make sure you look and feel beautiful before you leave. Adrionna, love your work!Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2021-03-07Demecia Montgomery5Wig installI love my hair , adrionna  always, slay it and she she saved me some money . I’m glad I made this purchase, this is my second install . And the hair is still beautiful and bouncy .WIG SHAMPOO AND INSTALLAdrionna syas

2021-03-09Desiree G5Bomb Chick"I have been getting my hair done by this lovely young lady for seven years. She Never fails me, I love the way she does my hair. An I don't allow anyone else to do my sew in but her. The Goat of sewing in hair and slaying curls and wigs! Thanks Boo"Membership take down and redoAdrionna syas


2021-03-11O.F.5New wig who disAlthough I love sew ins they itch like crazy. This time I needed something that I could definitely remove at night, so I chose a wig. The hair that I chose this time was curly, so I could look like Janet Jackson. Quality of the hair is very soft, and the curls are popping. Turn around time on wig construction was really quick, and again I am a happy customer looking like Janet JacksonAdrionna syas


2021-03-27T.L.5Best aroundFirst time joining the wig sew in life ive had plenty of compliments on my hair ..i love it she is the best hands down.  She will guide u thrh whole process. Great serviceSew on closure wigAdrionna syas

2021-03-31mandanette Hendrix5Slayed for the GawdssdI love my hair ️ Very professional and quick. I leave feeling confident everytime! The hair I purchased 6 months ago is still amazing as it was the day I purchased it. It is not shedding and it is still full of body definitely recommend purchasing here from her.Micro link RefresherAdrionna syas


2021-04-04L.L.5Love my hair!One of the best shampoos I’ve had in a while. I got my hair “silk pressed” with a straightening comb and no ears were burnt in the process lol. My hair has bounce and shine. Thank you so much 😊Install removal +shampoo+silk press+trimAdrionna syas


2021-04-08Tae H5Amazing ServiceI have been seeing Adrionna as my hairstylist for over 4.5 months now. My business partner introduced us and the rest is history. She is so detailed in her wigs,styles and hair. Adrionna is extremely punctual and very passionate about her career and it shows. Always a 5 star experience with her .Members only traditional sew inAdrionna syas


2021-04-08Tyla Vega5ExcellentExcellent response time and excellent service. Very kind and professional. Will be going back! Highly recommended for Microlinks!! I love my hair.Hybrid miro links 16-20inAdrionna syas

2021-04-16Naya W5Awesome ServiceI happened to be searching on IG for a Microlink stylist when I ran across Adrionna's page.  I am so happy I found her... she is amazing!  Adrionna is professional, knowledgeable about her craft and took the time to graciously give me her professional opinion when I was uncertain about a particular hair ( which I'm glad I listened.)  I love, love, love my Microlinks and don't think I'll ever wear a regular sew in again!!  Looking forward to her being my stylist from here on out!!Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2021-04-17Yolonda Shorter4Best hairdresser everrrrrrLove Adrionna! She's does exactly what I want her to do! Love her ️  Highly recommended!!!!!!remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2021-04-25Becky W5My visitIt is always a pleasure to have Adrionna's hands in my! She is amazing and gifted beyond measure. I love my wigs, and sew-ins each and every time she is done! So glad I met her all those years ago.WIG constructionAdrionna syas


2021-05-05Aisha S5In Awe with my MicrolinksI love my hairrrrrrr . Very personable stylist I am excited to start my new hair journey ‼️ Everyone loves this look on meMicrolinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2021-05-06Diane Wema5Where have you been all my life 🤪❤Adrianno thank you for doing my hair yesterday! I am so glad that I have found you. I am going to be your customer Till the end! 🥰Closed sewin (no visible parting Adrionna syas


2021-05-15Dawne Caesar5Love itJust got my microlinks done yesterday. They look beautiful. Very natural looking and I’m getting so many compliments.  Adrionna did a great job. I love it 🥰Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2021-05-20Tyla Vega5Would definitely recommendAdrionna is super kind and professional. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Before getting my hair done by her I have never left a hairstyle up more than a few weeks(I had my hair up for 2 months) she is definitely great and knows what she is doing!Micro link RefresherAdrionna syas


2021-05-23Pamela Sosa5Hair Boss"As always, Adrionna did an awesome job on my hair.  I have been going to her for a few years, and I have not yet been disappointed with my hair.  She also has a personable personality and makes the visit enjoyable.  I will continue to see her for my hair, hopefully for many more years."Micro link RefresherAdrionna syas


2021-06-11Christin G5Best in the businessSo glad I found Adrionna. I am newto the area, she immediately put me at ease, she is down to earth, very knowledgeable and professional. She is extremely talented and has an eye for detail. She works fast and quality does not suffer. I have never received so many compliments. I would recommend her to anyone!remove and replace weaveAdrionna syas


2021-06-17Nicole Allen5My husband was impressedI was a little nerves abt doing this but she made me feel like she has been doing my hair forever. When it was done I can’t keep my hands out of my head it’s soft and feels like it’s all my hair. My husband was very please as well I will keep this style up. Thank you so much see u in 2 weeks.Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2021-06-21Ty Haywood5Micro linksI so love my hair. At first I didn’t think it would look right due to my thin edges but babyyy it came out sooo pretty. Will be booking againAdrionna syas


2021-07-07Jewel Loud5Always Pleased Client!Amazing service and continues to deliver excellent quality work! I couldn’t be more pleased by her work ethic and willingness to work around her clients schedules…even if that means working on her off days or coming in earlier to get you taken care of. I love her energy and drive to run her business!lace/silk closure installAdrionna syas


2021-07-21D.C.5Love my hairLove my hair. Adrionna makes my hair beautiful every time.  It’s healthy and easy to maintain.  I’m always getting complementsMicro link RefresherAdrionna syas

2021-07-26Linda Williams5Amazing HairdresserI’ve been getting my hair done with Adrionna for some years now and each time I get my hair done I walk out of her salon looking fabulous beautiful and feeling good about myself. My hair is always looking gorgeous. Now here’s the amazing thing my hair looks amazing  every day. I have lived in Texas for four years now and God blessed me with the most wonderful beautiful personality Hairdresser thank you for always taking care of me. Linda Williams remove weave and sewinAdrionna syas


2021-08-13Y.S.5Microlink ServiceI love my hair! Adrionna did a wonderful job. She was professional and exceeded my expectations. She will not disappoint!ConsultationAdrionna syas


2021-08-22Nikki Caraway5The Best Sew In and Customer Service!Adrionna is nothing short of amazing! Her credit is unmatched. Her customer service speaks volume of her character and how she conducts business! She completed a sew in for my daughter that is the absolute best! We booked a traditional, but it is most definitely versatile. It looks so natural and the flattest!! She’s totally her new stylist! We’ll talk that drive from Forney to Arlington for good hair!Sew in with leave out Adrionna syas


2021-09-15Becky W55 Star ExperienceAdrianna will forever have me as a client! I love the expas well as the atmosphere but most of all my hair is always beautiful..thank you for your wonderful hands🥰Wig refresherAdrionna syas


2021-10-01christin g5Best in the business"Hands-down she's the best beautician I have ever been to! She is kind, considerate and extremely knowledgeable!

Her work is phenomenal, she's extremely gifted. I would highly recommend her, and have actually recommended her to several people!! She is really good at executing the look you want, and answering any questions, making appropriate suggestions. She is very professional and her salon is very clean and a pleasant environment."Sew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2021-10-06Tanisha Platt5She’s the truth!!Adrionna is more than just a stylist. She helped me understand how I can work to get my hair healthy. Very professional yet personable. You get all of that and you will leave with your hair on point!! My first time getting micro links and I’m hooked. I’m glad I found her.Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2021-10-07Jen Smith5You won’t be disappointed!So as soon as I walked out of the salon I was receiving compliments about my hair. She answered all of my questions. This was my first appointment with her and my first time trying the links. She was very professional and personable. Great customer service and she was very knowledgeable. Will definitely be back , can’t wait until my touch up appointment! Stop looking and start booking!Hybrid miro links 16-20inAdrionna syas


2021-10-15G.J.5Banging BobEven though I selected the wrong styling appointment for what I had Adrionna gave me great options and with her professionalism of hair she helped me make the best decision for my hair and I left out of Stitched Styles ALL Smiles she’s a MIRACLE WORKER with BLESSED HANDS 🙌🏽… Thank You So Much!!!!thinning/balding sewin Adrionna syas


2021-10-15Gabryal Burt5MicrolinksGreat customer service, really funny, love my microlinks and the color!

Will definitely be returning.Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas

2021-10-16Latavia p5ALL 3Adrionna was great. I love that she washed my hair. Alot of stylist do not want to do that. She was able to sew all 3 bundles in just like it like it. And it was flat giving micro links effect! She made sure to ask me exactly what I wanted and she accomplished that!! Thank youSew in with leave outAdrionna syas


2021-10-19Schrita W5Stitched StylesAdrionna is so sweet and very professional, I felt so comfortable sitting in her chair! She is definitely the Queen of microlinks, hair coloring, and hair care in general. She's very knowledgeable when it comes to her client's hair needs. I would definitely recommend anyone that is wanting their hair done the right way and with love & care, to go see Adrionna. Very excited about my hair journey with her! Thank you Adrionna Adrionna syas


2021-11-03K.L.5Yas!!She arrived on time and I was her only client the whole time. Very personable and she pays attention to details. She did her thing with my hair as it’s thin from chemo treatment. Definitely a customer for life!!thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2021-11-11Quentessia B5AwesomeI’m new to micro links and I’m hooked! Very professional and a perfectionist my hair is always gorgeous when I leave, I get compliments all day. Love it!!!!Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2022-01-01Jalisa Oliver5First experience was mind blowing. The best stylist I’ve met so far. It’s all about the vibes!!!!It was my first time going i feel like I’ve been going to her forever. She treated me like I’ve been coming to her forever. She has the right ATTITUDE for her profession!!!!Micro link package 16 -20inAdrionna syas


2022-01-11Jerusha G5Traditional Sew-in with Leave outI absolutely loved my sew in, it was sooo versatile. I was able to wear literally any style I wanted. Adrionna customized my install so that another stylist would be able to make additions and adjustments for my wedding so that I could wear an updue. The stylist even complimented her work saying she left out exactly what was needed to achieve the style I wanted based off of a picture I showed Adrionna. I love the quality I receive with Adrionna and am now a loyal customer. Book with Adrionna!Vixen sew inAdrionna syas


2022-01-15Meka S5Micro LinksI loved the install! It was so easy to maintain.. I love the cut and texture of the hair. She did such a great job of informing me of the hair care and making sure I knew what I was getting myself into being that this was my first time with microlinks!Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas

2022-01-15c.g.5Highly recommendShe is truly the best at what she does. Would highly recommend her for your styling needs. She works fast, with precision. I have received sewin and micro links, both have been flawless and natural. Receive compliments on a regular basis. I am thankful to have found her!Microlink includes hair 22-26Adrionna syas


2022-01-21o.f.5Wig serviceFinally got a chance to get back in to get glammified. My girl never disappoints, her service, professionalism abs fear customer service will always keep me coming back. It doesn’t get any better than this. Looking forward to my next wigWIG constructionAdrionna syas


2022-01-28Natasha5ThankfulAdrionna was very welcoming and hospitable! She made my first visit very pleasant! Did a wonderful job with my k-tips plan to book again! Thank you!!Itip refresherAdrionna syas


2022-02-14Barbara A5Very professionalAdrionna did an excellent job installing my micro-links. I love them!!!  She is also very professional and doesn’t require pre-hair work before your appointment. She handles everything. Thank you for your time sweetie and keep up the good work!!Micro link RefresherAdrionna syas


2022-02-21DEE DEE G5A Superstar Stylist!I’ve been a long time client of Adrionna’s. She did my hair and my daughter’s hair. When the pandemic hit,  I took a break from sew-ins and simply tried to care for my natural hair. Well after 2yrs, I was ready again for my sew-in. So I WENT HOME to Adrionna! ;-) She is the best in the city! My hair was fabulous! I love the new suite decorations! She is making it a true beauty palace for us ladies! I told her years ago she would always be the stylist for me! Clearly, it’s true! Go see her!thinning/balding sewinAdrionna syas


2022-03-03Ola O5Best in Dallas!!I was so nervous in getting my Microlinks done but after much review and looking through Adrionna’s work on instagram I took a chance and I’m never going back to sow-ins or wigs. I felt so comfortable after the consultation, and I got so many compliments on my hair for weeks! You won’t regret it! Love love my service! Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2022-03-04Ola O5Maintenance on pointMy hair went from rag to fab in her hands!! Microlinks lasted a very good amount of time and I’m glad the maintenance made it look like I had a whole new installMicro link RefresherAdrionna syas

2022-03-04Diamond J5𝙼𝙸𝙲𝚁𝙾𝙻𝙸𝙽𝙺Let me just say she was very professional.Had me in and out.Hair was on point ,really didn’t have to mess with my hair.Just wrap and go. Yes, please get that satin wrap with a big bonnet. For shower time I did put on a swim cap to avoid from getting my hair wet. Ladies don’t miss out🥰Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2022-03-07Jess P5AmazingHighly recommend! Professional, knowledgeable, excellent service, beautiful setting. My hair experience and end result was the best I have ever experienced!Microlinks includes hair 16-20inAdrionna syas


2022-03-07Michelle B5INCREDIBLY AWESOME EXPERIENCEThank you Adrionna, for a great experience! I was nervous about my hair due to thinning from health issues, but she took time to explain options for me to make an informed decision, together. Adrionna was patient and professional. I appreciated being the only client in a very inviting space. It was my first visit, and I will be a client for life! I purchased hair (great quality), she colored mine to cover my head of grey and I left with a natural looking micro link install blended to perfection!Adrionna syas


2022-03-08Adrienne Reese5Bestest/quickest sew inLove Adrianna! Took me in as a last min client did a phenomenal  job ! Will come back forever! Very versatile  for someone that is very picky!Adrionna syas


2022-03-23MekaSaravanakumar5I always love my hair!! Always looks natural.  She is simply one of the best.shampoo and tighten and styleAdrionna syas