FAQS before booking

How does the schedule work?

Want a specific time and date that you don’t see available? This most likely means it is booked or there’s no time left in that specific day/or between clients to complete the service.


What is a meet and greet?

This is not a consult this is a quick session and option to pay your deposit in person.


Where am I located?

1201 n Watson rd Arlington tx 76006 suite 246 located inside 360 office park place


What to do if I arrive early?

If you arrive early please remain in your car until your service time. Please check in using the Vagaro app or wait until you have received a notification that your stylist is ready and prepared for you. There’s no need to call or txt your early arrival but please communicate if there are changes to your scheduled apt time.


Where to park and how to find your suite?

If you arrive early please remain waiting in your car and check in through the vagaro app. Parking is located at the entrance LABLED SOUTH. Use the elevator to come up to the second floor, make 2 rights and continue to walk until you pass the door labeled stairs on the left side of the hall.#246


What payment methods are accepted?

Cash is preferred, zelle to avoid extra fees, cashapp,vagaro pay later ,PayPal, afterpay(must be done before servicing,and Apple Pay.


How to cancel/edit appointments?

Please go to your email and search stitchedstyles to find your appointment confirmation and modify your appointment there. Modifications are only allowed 48hrs in advance. Cancellations are done by email any time.


Do you offer Sunday/Monday appointments? Emergency apt or early/late hours.

Special accommodations can be arranged for your schedule. Email;adrionnasyas@gmail.com subject line (911 appointment) please include 2 times and dates that can be considered. There will be an additional $150-200 convenience service fee that will be added to your final balance no matter the service. Example: Curls on a Sunday original cost $50 +$200 service fee-total cost $250. Your deposit to confirm your booking will be the complete payment of your convenience service fee so $150-200.


Are any extra guest or kids allowed?

I strong prefer no extra guest since space is limited. This is not a kid friendly salon but I understand things happen so if your child is able to remain still and quiet you may bring him/her. Just pack an activity or tablet to keep them entertained.


Is hair available in the salon to purchase?

I do keep limited stock in the salon for purchasing but I do suggest ordering ahead of time if you have a specific length/texture that you must have. Closures and frontals are not always keep in stock and must be ordered ahead of time.


Do I need to come shampooed and blown out?

Shampoo services are complimentary with all full install services. This does not include removing braids, dreads or tangled, previous installs, or heavy gels or adhesive. It's to respect to time allowed for the service without imposing on the next guest service slot.


Can I still come if I'm late?

If you're going to be late please communicate that with me as soon as you know hopefully at least an hr in advance so I can warn my other guest that I may be running behind. Failure to do so may result in rescheduling or not receiving your styling session.


Should I relax my hair before my appointment?

Relaxers are fine if it’s done 2 weeks prior to make sure the hair isn’t too weak for the service to be performed. I can feel if the hair has been relaxed too soon and make risk cancellation to keep the integrity of your natural hair healthy and strong.


Can I get my bundles colored the same day?

Typically I don’t offer coloring services the same day since I can’t truly time the complete process. I don’t want to risk running into someone’s scheduled time so I don’t offer coloring same day. If this is an option you will need please email me and the cost will be the service cost+hourly rate of $60. So if our color service cost was $120 and it takes 2 hours to complete during the same day your bill will be $120 + $120(for 2 hours) total cost $240